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WSA Episode 13: I’m Back! Let’s get Focused!

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  • It has been FAR too long since I produced an episode of this podcast!
  • We are getting focused!
  • Business, House remodel, relocation plans, Sale!
  • redirect to the actual Contractor/ Trades business owner
  • Why? Because you are the ones reaching out to me for help
  • restate the problem briefly (trades deficit in upcoming workforce
  • Who am I speaking to? AND, who am I not?
  • Integrate your business fully into your community
  • Give you the business and social/marketing skills to grow
  • Teach you to connect with that critical next generation
  • Turn you into an entrepreneur/small business incubator and hub
  • Set you and these next generations up for success
  • Help you remove a mountain of the mystery and stress associated with growing your business
  • Provide you the resources to train yourself and your employees
  • Thank you!