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WSA Episode 008: Do You want to be Average?

Go Past Average

Do You want to be Average?

Nobody actually plans to be average. You probably think you are very unique and exceptional! The problem is, what plan are you following? Is whatever you are doing going to get you to the same place everyone else ends up?

  • Average is the same as mediocre. 
  • Mediocre college student
  • Average debt
  • Average cubicle
  • Mediocre JOB (just over broke)
  • Mediocre life

Average feeds on fear, and not rocking the boat. No one wants to be average. You want to be different, part of a special, or elite group. But, most people end up at average..


What YOU can do!

  • You CAN leave average
  • You can make a plan
  • You can begin with the end in mind
  • You can build a life and career that you want
  • You can give up the things that make everyone else average
  • You can begin practices that will set you apart
  • You can have a better attitude
  • You can accept failure for what it is
  • You can lead your family and community, instead of following the herd
  • You can break out of average!

“The successful man is the average man, focused.”

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