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 Opportunity Knocks

We have a problem

  • Looking at a Forbes article linked right here about the actual rate of unemployment.
  • It begins with a scenario about “overeducated” people working in “low level positions”
  • The article states that this is due to “underemployment
  • The market in its purest form tells us what we need, for example, are there too many attorneys and marketing professionals?

What does this mean to you?

  • Article also speaks to how high skilled jobs promote healthy economies, especially if employees are allowed to innovate and create!
  • Huge opportunity exist in the trades!
  • Carpenters, plumbers, welders, electricians, machinists, farmers, bakers, and most specifically, owners
  • The opportunity to own your own business is golden for someone with skill
  • Professional mindset creates more opportunity
  • Professionalism in the trades
  • Professionalism with your work
  • Professionalism with your appearance and speech
  • Professionalism in your attitude in all areas, especially in your community
  • Build good habits, practice and thought
  • An opportunity for real growth and truly changing your family tree, starting with what you do today
  • Creativity and problem solving are rewarded!
  • Don’t wait for permission or for your opportunity to call you! Start today and pursue it!
  • The Joshua Sheats personal finance interview can be found right here!

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