Work Strong America: Fighting the Skills Gap and encouraging Skilled Trades, Carpentry, Machinists, Welding and others, Similar to Mike Rowe

You can’t drive a nail through the internet. – Anonymous

It is a problem. In the next five to ten years, if the career path of our young people stay the same that most are following today, things will get bad. How so? When your car breaks down, roof begins to leak, air conditioner or heater breaks, plumbing backs up, the people who have traditionally been around to deal with the problem will mostly be retired. Who is going to fix it?

Most of you think I am joking, saying in your mind “there’s no way, this will never happen”!


The average tradesman in America is fifty-five years old, and hardly ANY young people are going into the trades. The ones currently doing these jobs will be retiring soon, leaving a very large void and taking all of the immense and important information and experience with them. There you go.

What are the trades? And why aren’t our young men and women going into them anymore? The trades are carpenters, mechanics, plumbers, electricians, machinists, welders, metal workers, painters, masons, and so many more. These are the people who build and work on the things we drive, live in, and use every day of our lives. For the last thirty to forty years we have progressively told our young men and women that their only path to success is to graduate from high school and go immediately into college and obtain a degree of “higher learning”. Not just this, but if they pursue anything else, such as a trade or something that makes them break a sweat, that they will be less than successful as compared to someone with a degree. AND, it doesn’t really matter what degree they get, just get one.

While this may have been true some fifty or sixty years ago, it just doesn’t hold up today.With the unemployment rate of college graduates at an all time high as well as insane student loan burdens our graduates take on, we need to give our young men and women a better definition of success!

That is what Work Strong America’s mission is. I want to give hope to our next generations! The next ten years is critical for America to begin to fix this massive problem. The opportunities for the ones who choose a different path than we have been selling them is enormous! Job availability, income possibilities, and especially the opportunity to own their own business is a very real and promising alternative for many.

So, here is my question to you. Do you know anyone who needs some hope for their own or their young men and women’s future? Do you know anyone who needs to hear this message? Or, do you disagree with me completely? Let me know, and leave a comment. I’d love to hear from you!

And, the next time something you are using breaks, ask yourself this. Who is going to fix it?