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What Happened and What’s Next WSA Episode 14


If you want to conquer fear, don’t sit home and think about it. Go out and get busy.- Dale Carnegie

What Happened and What's Next Holy loong time late Batman, right? What happened and what’s next is a far cry of an understatement. I mean, the last time I released an episode here was September 4th, right? Well, here you go.

As I said previously, we were at the time moving Seigmund Wurks Studios International headquarters to an as of yet undisclosed location. I jovially thought that I could finish a house remodel, pack up said home, ship what we just packed, and get on the road ALL the time keeping you all updated and creating content along the way.

Not so much.


  • the house got finished, and sold.
  • We got things packed
  • We got things shipped
  • we got on the road

And that is where things went not quite as expected. Not complaining mind you, just acknowledging the facts. We traveled, saw a lot of fantastic and incredible things, had massive discussions ( a big continued conversation that we’ve been having) about where we wanted to end up. And why. And what exactly that looked like to us.

Then we found a place and stayed.

So, Seigmund Wurks Studios International has found a new headquarters, and our family has a new home base. If you want to follow along with the blow by blow travel journey as I get those updated, you can see them at my other site which is right here.


So, the rest of the story is, we moved in, got unpacked (mostly) and set up shop. Where did we end up? Well, we are still somewhere in the great American West, a bit further north than before. If I let on any more than that, it wouldn’t be a secret headquarters would it?

The rest of the podcast update is completely Work Strong America update oriented. We talk about you, and helping you in your business which frees you up to connect with your community, and help bring up the next generation.

See, I still haven’t lost focus. I’m recommitting to a weekly podcast again, very regular blog posts, and real articles out there on the interwebs. By real publications. I will also be going to different conferences and trade shows throughout the year to meet up with industry leaders and connect with you if you happen to be there. Sound good? I think so!

So, listen in, and let me know what you think! If you would like, send me a message by the “leave a voicemail” button over there on the right side of the page. BETTER YET, sign up for updates below. I regularly send out helpful business and marketing strategies and ideas to help you make a great plan to better your business. Know this. I will never share your email or info with anyone else.