Work Strong America: Fighting the Skills Gap and encouraging Skilled Trades, Carpentry, Machinists, Welding and others, Similar to Mike Rowe

All growth depends upon activity. There is no development physically or intellectually without effort, and effort means work. -Calvin Coolidge

Hi to all! So, I decided that I should give you all an update on what is happening with the Podcast and the rest of the plans!
I’m working with some serious effort on relaunching the Podcast and expanding the Work Strong America message. With today being Monday December 14th, 2014, I am planning to have the first ten podcast episodes in the chamber by this Friday! No small task here..
I’m telling you all this because you are critical in helping get this message out.
First, thank you for following my sporadic updates and blog posts. I understand that they haven’t been terribly consistent, but there has been a tremendous amount of work going on behind the scenes to make this relaunch become a reality. I really want to make this message the best possible and help as many people as possible as soon as we hit the ground running! It all begins with you who are following along and reading these updates. Here is the crux of the matter.
I need your help!
What can you do? A lot actually.
  • First, please tell some other people who may benefit from the Work Strong America message. I would love to give as much help and equip others to make the changes toward success that they need.
  • Ask me questions. Seriously! If you have any questions about what WSA is about or want to find out some specific information related to the skilled trades, education, programs that are available, or what you can do, please contact me! You can do that my leaving a comment immediately below this post, by clicking the “send voicemail” button on the right side of this page, or send me a message by clicking right here.
  • When I release my podcast, please listen to them! If you like them, share them with other people. The very best thing you could do is go to iTunes and leave a rating and review, because this is how other people find the podcast and get help! When this podcast becomes available in iTunes I will post the link here so you can go directly to it if you want.

After all of that, my big push for 2015 is to be speaking about the skills gap throughout America in schools and industry trade groups. I will be posting my schedule in the near future. The whole point to all of this is to wake people up to the massive problem this nation is facing, and more importantly to equip young men and women as well as the businesses that will hire them with the tools they need to succeed! We need the next generation of leaders to have the best possible start in life to make a BIG impact and eventually (hopefully) start their own business and lead America back to the innovation powerhouse it can be again!

Okee dokee, there you go. Let me know what you think, stay it touch, and stay tuned.

Most of all, Work Strong.