Work Strong America – Empowering America's Next Generations of Craftsmen, Builders and Makers to Craft Our Future


If you are a student or parent:

The average skilled tradesman is fifty-five years old or older, with statistically almost no young men and women making the decision to pursue a career in the skilled trades. My absolute passion is giving young men and women a real sense of hope for their future. I love educating them, their parents, their educators as well as the businesses that so desperately need them about the solutions they need. Work Strong America has a weekly podcast, blogs and articles, as well as me traveling to give keynote speeches, workshops and seminars about the solutions we must pursue to solve this serious problem.

I began Work Strong America to become a resource and hub of information about the opportunities in the skilled trades. Parents and educators need a different definition of success for their young men and women. We focus on success stories, options in education and training, as well as highlight programs and organizations that are already making strides to solve this crisis situation.

Our young men and women need to begin life with the hope of entering a career path that best suites them. While I am a proponent of education and life long learning, a four year degree immediately after high school is simply not the best option for everyone. My goal is to teach the tools to allow these next generations to identify their strengths and weaknesses, and leverage that knowledge to make the best possible decision for their future. I am creating courses and curriculum to introduce the skilled trades and the process to begin in a successful career.

Beginning with the Millennial generation, our young men and women are more interested in owning their own business than any generation preceding them. The opportunities that a career in the skilled trades for future business ownership is incredible. I believe that these future leaders, if given the proper education, practical experience and mentorship will lead our nation in a continued path of innovation and business growth worldwide. They will become the leaders in their communities and states as well as on a national level. We must begin teaching the basics of entrepreneurship and the critical thinking and decision making skills of business.

Local businesses in your communities and cities that rely on skilled trades (which is really every business) have a huge problem. They will have no one to fill these critically needed positions as the older generations of tradesmen and women retire in the next five to ten years. The solution is connecting local businesses with schools, involving them in the process of mentorship and training these next generations and telling their stories of success. At Work Strong America we focus on giving businesses the tools to connect with the people that so desperately need their expertise, knowledge and leadership.

For Students and Parents

  1. We offer a proven group series of eight weeks of email and video targeted to help parents and students (or the older student on their own) learn HOW to even pursue a career in the trades. We do basic personality assessments to discover strengths and weaknesses ( knowing both are a game changer!) We then show you the process of identifying multiple options for a skill/career path. We teach you the process and give you the tools on how to find resources for education, identifying businesses for internships and mentorship programs, and also cover the topics of “soft skills”. Soft skills are the skills that so many employers really wish their prospective employees had more training in. Communication, interviewing, listening and observation, critical thinking and problem solving.
  2. One of the best ways I know to help anyone is to get to know you on an individual basis. I can help students and their parents figure out the best possible options for their young man or woman. Learning our strengths and weaknesses as individuals is very powerful, and this is where we start! I teach a process that will open possibilities most people never dream about, and then show you step by step how to begin working toward those things!