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 It is my passion to help young men and women get a better start in life. I was one of them, confused and fearful of what I would make of my future. We can give them hope and show them that they also can have a very bright future! -Rick Seigmund

What are the topics I speak on and which would be the best fit for your audience?


Giving A New Picture Of Hope And Redefining Success

With so many college students graduating without a job to go to as well as being burdened with huge student loan debt, our young men and women need a new definition for success. Because the conventional models of education and career changing so rapidly, equipping the students to have embrace both their strengths AND weaknesses is critical in this new world. By speaking through the often unsaid fears and concerns many students have, I can give them a picture of hope and teach them how to take ownership of their personal success! (recommended for students and educators)

Ignite Your Potential and Unleash Innovation!

Even now SOMEDAY is a far off place that may never show up. You have so much incredible potential inside you, and it is just waiting for the right moment to show up. With that in mind, the biggest thing you want to do is make a real difference in the world. With some very simple  and memorable tools, you can begin right now to ignite the spark that is inside you and grow your passion! Turning this into daily practice can grow you into the innovator and ground breaking leader who will make a real difference in this world! (recommended for students and educators)

How To Stand Out In Your Community And Attract The Best

 With such an extreme lack of interest of young men and women in the skilled trades, businesses have to radically change their approach to attracting their future employees.

  • Learn how to communicate and use social media to connect with your community
  • Understand what motivates millennials and later generations
  • Why you MUST become involved in your local community again, and how
  • The importance of mentorship and teaching entrepreneurship to your best prospective employees

The world has changed, and to survive and thrive in your business and industry you have to become a leader in these areas! (recommended for business and industry)

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