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Meet the Makers Interview Series: Jason Katwijk, WSA Episode 22

Jason Katwijk

 Jason Katwijk    Interview with Jason Katwijk

At the JLC Live Northwest Show I got the fantastic opportunity to interview Jason Katwijk of Deck Builders: Artistry in Decks. Jason is one of the best examples of what is possible when the right direction and perspective is chosen in pursuit of a career. Here is some of what we cover in our talk.

  • Next generation, Father, Kim brought him in to pass the torch
  • Jason started in automotive, didn’t like it
  • At the end of a project you have something you built with your own hands and that’s really rewarding
  • Owning your own business provides freedom, along with a lot of responsibility
  • As an owner, you get to decide how much you make and how much you don’t
  • Lots of friends wit the college route
  • The trades are dying because of the push for education
  • What does he advise someone about to go to college?
  • Education is important, but how you get that education counts, experiential is better
  • A note to parents: Jason describes the “countdown to retirement” mindset and how so many hate their life, his dad doesn’t hate his life!
  • If the kids don’t like the academics, don’t be afraid to “test the waters”.
  • Builders keep everything running, without them society would stop
  • Vision for the future: the opportunity is there and waiting
  • Personally wants to stay small to keep a high quality of work and production
  • Small business with quality work!

What do I like about building? Well, you start with a blank sheet and at the end you have a masterpiece. – Jason Katwijk

You can find Jason and his work at their website by clicking right here.

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