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How To Build Your Business and Educate Yourself – WSA Episode 16

Business Basics/ Build Your Business and Educate

Previous blog on How To Evaluate Your Business was a hit. Passed around on social media, kind of surprised me. (here is the link to the post on how to do a vision plan.)

Who is the audience here? Bakers, electrical contractors, carpenters, salon and barber shop owners and barber shop owners, handymen, machinists, welders, landscapers, you name it!

Anyone who provides a service, build something or work with their hands AND mind for their vocation and business.

What’s the next step?

Build on what you know, and use the rest of the information to educate yourself on what you need to focus on.

  1. Do the Work. Don’t get yourself in over your head. This isn’t only about technical capability. This also has to do with the type of client you work for. Knowing your limits is healthy, but you also need to grow and challenge yourself. Just do that in a way that won’t get you in trouble and jeopardize your work.
  2. Don’t take a project that you can’t afford to lose. Fiscal responsibility, legal protection, reputation, feeding your family. It is all valid and important.
  3. If you are just starting out, work smart and transition to a full time business. Learn much early on, and don’t burn bridges.
  4. If you are in an established business with fired up young people in your employment, LET THEM. Don’t inhibit their growth, and give them the option of turning these situations into a partnership.        Instead of looking at your good employees as a potential threat and something to be controlled, wouldn’t you like to be known as an entrepreneur incubator? Someone who turns out the “best of the best” of the next generations?
  5. Create systems. Listen, if you are not measuring, how will you know if you are winning? Succeeding? Able to actually pay the bills and keep the lights on? How long does it take you to perform _____? What are your material costs? Time spent? Can you become more efficient? Is there a better way? How do you know?
  6. This is for everyone, if you don’t have any, find mentors. There are people out there with so much experience and knowledge, people not necessarily IN your industry. But, there are also plenty who are.
  7. At some point, BE a mentor. See #4.
  8. Have an attitude of growth, lifetime education, and success.

I don’t have time to teach average, and you don’t have time to practice it. To make sure that our trades/ businesses don’t go the way of the dodo, we have to focus on, bring in, and pass on to the best of the best of the next generations. As you know, we are all in this together. Before you can focus on the next generations, we must make sure that your business is in solid shape and profitable.

Here comes The Makers Business Academy. What do I mean by Maker? Well, you don’t live a 9-5 life in a cubicle, and it would never be a good fit anyway. You provide the things that the rest of the people in your community needs. You are a Maker! To help you thrive and succeed, we are developing a series of online courses, templates and plans available to you to teach you the fundamentals of business. We will also offer the advanced topics of running a brick and mortar service business in a world where the market and our customers attention has changed. We need you to not only survive, but thrive, and become the business leader that your community needs you to be.

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