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How do Remodelers and Builders find good help? WSA Episode 18

Where do We Find Good Help?

In this episode I answer an email from a member of our military looking to transition into becoming an electrician. Then, I relay a conversation I heard at the JLC Live Northwest between builders and trade school students about what each is seeking from the other!

First off sorry for the formatting I’m doing this from my phone at work. A little background I am transitioning out of the military and am looking to get into being an electrician. I have zero experience but this just seemed like something I would enjoy. I just started listening to your podcast and I have heard you say multiple times if you see someone with all new tools you would run them off the work site. This is my biggest worry breaking into this field. How do I get experience if I need experience to get started? I have applied to the electrician union apprentice program and to a few local construction companies. Do I need to finish a trade school before I apply to these apprentice electrician positions I see online? Thank you for the show.  


  • Students: How do we find a good contractor?
    • Website: information, technical (beyond homeowner),
    • Instagram
    • Progressive building techniques
    • Organization, both business and trade
    • Appearance and professionalism
  • Builders: Where do I find good help?
    • Universities and trade schools. Don’t forget military.
    • Desire good attitude and willingness to learn over background
    • Work ethic, people just aren’t willing to work hard anymore
    • trainability
    • willing to learn THIS SPECIFIC builder’s approach
  • This all applies to subcontractors, as well as business outside construction

My interview with Ron Paulk

My article on the JLC Live Northwest event

Join me. We all need your help in this.

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