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The direction in which education starts a man will determine his future in life. Plato


We have to start recognizing the problem:

  • Although 11 million US workers are unemployed, there are 4 million jobs unfilled. (Source:Bureau of Labor Statistics)

  • The “average” college graduate graduates in five years with a minimum of about $31,000.00 in student loan debt. And, when they get to whatever job they take, they still in most cases must be taught how to do it! This is not a great recipe for success in life!
  • Employment in professional, scientific and technical services is projected to grow 29% by 2020. This increase will add more than two million new jobs to the US economy. (Source: STEM Smart Brief Report)

  • 49% of employers plant to train workers who don’t have experience in their industries and hire them in 2014, that figure is up 10% since 2013. (Source: Careerbuilder Study)

  • 70% of organizations cite “capability gaps” as one of their top five challenges. (Source: Bersin by Deloitte)

  • 35 % of all employers have positions that stay open for 12 weeks or longer. (Source: Harris Poll)

  • A really BIG infographic showing the overall problem can be seen by clicking right here.
  • And, I haven’t even begun showing you the depressing reality college graduates are looking at! (but if you want to see the statistics, here is a great link).
  • Many young people have seen their parents lose their jobs in the past few years, and some of them even lose their homes. Does this make you wonder what the so called American Dream even is?
  • An increasingly larger number of our young men and women have to help support their families financially after they graduate from high school, and sometimes even before. (link to article here)

As Educators, Your  Biggest Issue, You Are Already Too Busy, So What Can Be Done?

This is why I am seeking you out. I know that you are one of the most overworked, underpaid, and unappreciated groups of people on the planet! I want to give you help for those students of yours that you fear will slip between the proverbial cracks at worst or will just simply not reach their potential at best.

We can begin by redefining the standard definition of what success is and how they might get there. What might that definition be?

For a young man or woman to succeed, they need to functionally determine what their individual strengths and weaknesses are. When this information comes to surface and is firmly grasped, they look to what they already have tendencies toward ALONG WITH what the needs of society are for that profession or vocation. We teach them how to make a plan, set and work towards goals. We then get them plugged in to the resources and training/teaching they need to follow out this very individualized course that they have chosen.

So, I am offering you a free resource guide to help your student(s) begin this journey. I was one of these same kids. College wasn’t a good fit for me at the time, and needed desperately to be on a different path. The problem was that I had no one to help guide me. I know you care about your young men and women! Along with the resource guide you will receive our monthly newsletter, along with some additional information and resources as they become available. Your email will NEVER be sold or shared to ANY outside party!

Also, if you have any concerns or questions, please feel free to contact me directly to discuss a more immediate need or to help you find specific resources in your area. Click right here for my contact information.