Work Strong America – Empowering America's Next Generations of Craftsmen, Builders and Makers to Craft Our Future

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“It is not what he has, or even what he does which expresses the worth of a man, but what he is.” –Henri-Frédéric Amiel


You want to know about me? My name is Rick Seigmund, and on this site and wherever we meet, I hope to be a teacher, guide and friend. I am a carpenter and builder. I am also a son, brother, husband and father. I am very blessed to be these many things.

I have an amazing wife and two incredible kids. I am more than a little bit concerned for what their future is going to be. The advice that has worked for so long for our children is falling flat these days, and America’s place in the world is in question. So, who do we look to to fix the situation? The government? Industry? Who? There are a lot of different people talking about the issue, but no one is bringing the conversation up to the people it will affect the most. Our young men and women. Your kids, and someday mine.

So, I decided to take a stand and do something myself. With you.

I was raised in what most would call a working class family in the heart of Tennessee. I was also that kid in high school without much direction and more than a little bored with things. I was raised with a voracious appetite for books, had a serious desire for adventure, and didn’t have a real clue as to how to go about it. I also wanted to be a success, whatever that meant, and again had no clear direction on how to get there.

Traditional university and college was just not a good fit for me at the time. I flunked out of my one year of college (again, lack of direction and purpose), and went to work. So, as a default, I picked up the hammer that had been in my hand since I was young with my family ( all woodworkers and builders). I did have adventures a plenty, sailing, rock climbing, backpacking, travel.

I also continued to read. I began reading books on entrepreneurship, money, thinking, business. I read about how people learn, economics, how to communicate and speak. I learned about the things that really interested me, the things I hadn’t been exposed to in my life. And I started to help people with their problems. Money, career, business advice, basically if I had anything I could help someone with, I found myself with someone who needed those things and made a plan with them to improve their situation.

So, what is the deal with Work Strong America?

It’s pretty much Mike Rowe’s fault. You know, the dirty jobs guy? Yep, him. I was watching TV one night with my wife and watched an interview where he was speaking about the skills gap here in America. He spoke about how it is such a catastrophic problem, and NO ONE is talking about it or doing anything to deal with it.

Lightning Struck

I realized right then and there the culmination of the experiences, work and education were for this purpose!

What purpose is that?

To help out young people, their parents and educators. For the young men and women out there who are much like I was growing up. I am the voice of America’s next generations. I want to encourage you that there is hope! Hope for your future, life, dreams and goals! I also want to talk to parents and teachers, and assist you in broadening your definition of success, education and what it will take to succeed in America.

We need people who can do things. We also need to stop burdening our young men and women with the ridiculous amount of student loan debt the average college graduate accumulates! We need innovators and thinkers, real leaders for the future of their families, communities and this country.

It begins right here, and with you! Thank you so much for joining me! Let me know who you are, and how I can help you! Thanks much!

Rick Seigmund